F.A.Q. ACCOMMODATION (click here)


When do I have access to the accommodation and when do I have to leave?

Accomodations are available from the day before the course starts (usually Sundays) until the Saturday(noon) after the course finishes.

What are the criteria for occupying the students apartments?

Usually students of similar ages, length of stay and different nationalities use to share the flat.

How many students share one flat?

3 to 5 students share one flat, either in single or double rooms.

When do I receive the address of my accommodation?

You receive the address of your accommodation on the day of your arrival. Only the addresses of the families are given two weeks before the course starts.Official postal address of all students is that of C/O
Student's name.
C/O Instituto Picasso.
Plaza de la Merced 20, 1º.
E29012 Málaga.

Where are the apartments?

They are within a few minutes' walk from school.In summer the walking distance can be 15 or 20 minutes due to the higher demand of apartments

Are there additional cost for the apartments?

No, extra costs for gas, electricity and water are included.

Do I have to bring towels and bedsheets?

You have to bring towels and a beach towel but you need not bring bedsheets, they are provided by the school.

Can I prepare meals in the apartments?

Yes, The kitchens are equipped for preparing and having meals.

How are the apartments equipped?

They usually have living-room with TV-set, equipped kitchen, two bathrooms and 2 to 3 bedrooms, and washing machine.

Can I extend my stay in the accommodation after the course?

In the summer months, it is not possible to extend the bookings for accommodation because we have to guarantee in a first place the stay of course participants.

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